Introducing Wellstream

Wellstream is an innovative, user-friendly personal health assessment. By utilizing Wellstream, companies across the U.S. have successfully managed the health of their employee populations.

A Powerful Personal Health Assessment at Your Fingertips

The Wellness Councils of America, one of the nation’s premier resources for workplace health promotion, and Electric Pulp, a leading web development firm, are proud to introduce Wellstream. This powerful online tool will help your employees to assess and monitor their personal health status. More importantly, Wellstream — through its aggregate reporting function — will allow you as an employer to decipher important organizational health trends and introduce the appropriate health management interventions.

This site will provide you with more information about Wellstream and how you can begin utilizing this powerful personal health assessment in your organization. Because we know that you’ll have lots of questions and want to see such things as sample reports and other ancillary documents, we’ve made all of this information available on this site. You can even take a free, no-obligation test drive of the Wellstream personal health assessment so you can get a better perspective on why companies all across the U.S. are choosing this PHA as their instrument of choice.

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