How Wellstream Works

As one of the premier personal health assessments, Wellstream is elegant in its design and straightforward in its delivery.

Step 1: Submit the Wellstream Order Form

The process starts by submitting the Wellstream order form. Once received, a Wellstream representative will contact you to get you started and support you through the entire process.


Step 2: Complete the Wellstream PHA Planning Form

In the second step of the Wellstream process, you will be asked to complete a brief planning form. This form will ask you information surrounding items like your enrollment period, employee population, communication intentions, incentives, etc. This information will provide Wellstream staff with everything they need to make sure the process runs smoothly.


Step 3: Forward Participant Eligibility File

Once you have completed the planning form, the next step is to forward your participant eligibility file. This file includes important information about the participants who will be eligible to complete the PHA. Again, a Wellstream representative will work with you to ensure that the appropriate fields are formatted in order to successfully launch Wellstream in your organization.


Step 4: Format The Email Message Announcing Wellstream

The fourth step in the Wellstream PHA process is to format an email that will announce the assessment to your employees. This email contains your personalized message in addition to the employee’s username and password to access the Wellstream website. Once received by employees, they can access the PHA immediately by clicking on the link contained in the email. The entire process is HIPAA compliant and completely secure as each user is required to personalize their password once they log in.


Step 5: Complete PHA and Access Individual Report

Once your employees have logged in and completed the Wellstream PHA online, they will be prompted to download their customized and tailored individual report. This report contains an important summary of the employee's current health status and risk level. The report is generated immediately upon completion of the PHA, and employees can access the report from their computer. They can view the report online, print a hard copy to any local printer, or email themselves a copy to their home address. There’s also a responsive help desk if anyone struggles throughout the PHA process.


Step 6: Receive Aggregate Report

After your PHA enrollment period has ended, you will be sent an aggregate report detailing and highlighting the collective findings. This report addresses modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors, the organization’s overall risk status, key productivity indicators, stages of change, and recommendations for priority programming.


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